Do Ceramic Braces Break Easily?

Hey y’all I’m back with a ceramic braces update.

I can’t believe I finally broke a bracket after 17 months in braces.

Stay tuned while I share foods to avoid while wearing braces.

Also, I’m moving forward into the testing stages in prep for a May removal.

Know that Ceramic braces is a preference just like metal. However, they are the least visible option and the reason why I choose ceramic!

Maintenance is very important and you must stick to a cleaning regimen for the best results. Check out the link in video for a list of my favorite products!

Yes, ceramic braces stain, but I make huge adjustments in my eating in order to prolong my elastic bands since I prefer the clear option.

Always remember to drink all beverages through a straw, coffee included.

I do not grab and bite. I cut my food in smaller portions and place on my tounge to eat.

Brush immediately after drinking and eating.

Floss and don’t forget to about plaque buildup.

Deep cleaning is necessary!

I enjoy things such as Coffee, bbq, saucy foods, chocolate the week before my adjustment to prevent staining long term.

The bracket does not stain only the elastic…which is changed during each adjustment.

My adjustments are every 4 weeks.

Install Date: 10/26/2016
Treatment Plan : 18 months
Estimated Removal Date: May 2018

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